You probably already know this place as the restaurant inside a greenhouse. Extremely Instagrammable and one of celebrity chef Roy Choi's many brick and mortars, the Commissary is a go-to for anyone seeking an aesthetic brunch.

Located on the rooftop of the LINE Hotel in Koreatown, the Commissary serves up some upscale eats alongside mismatched china, tableware, glasses, and linen napkins. Details aside, the food itself was rather disappointing. A friend and I ordered the turkey club and green eggplant curry with a $5 side of brown rice (?!), and while the presentation itself was solid, the flavors were non-existent.

TL;DR: The Commissary is more so a visual rather than a dining experience. One and done.

Price | $$$

Parking | Valet hotel parking, but I'd recommend taking a Lyft.

Pro Tip | If you're going to drop some serious cash at the Commissary, you better get some quality photos for the 'gram out of it.