Chica's Tacos

Chica's Tacos brings 50's kitsch to a weak attempt at "Mexican-style" tacos. Cute aesthetic, ok White-washed tacos.

Drive down Olive Street and you'll notice a bright, primary colored shack nestled next to an H&R Block on top of a parking lot with a big sign spelling out its name: Chica's Tacos. As expected, the little joint serves up tacos-- from cauliflower filled Veggie Tacos to a Fish Taco questionably topped with caesar salad-- as well as other Mexican-inspired fare such as a Lavender Cantaloupe Agua Fresca. Flavor-wise, the menu isn't half bad. But if you're looking for real good tacos, you won't find them here.

Price | $

Must Try | Pork Taco, Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Parking | Super convenient. The place is on top of a parking lot after all...