Bia Coffee

When a florist opens a coffee shop, good things are bound to ensue. Such is the case of Bia Coffee, a small K-Town coffee shop that specializes in pretty, floral drinks that are actually very good.

Lavender lattes. Rose cold brew. These are just some of the floral fare you can find at Bia Coffee. The baristas shuffle around hauling buckets full to the brim with rosebuds and heads of lavender, a.k.a. the decoration to top the drink you've just ordered. While it is easy to pass Bia Coffee off as another trend food spot created solely to drive Instagram likes, one sip of your soy, iced rose latte will prove that this coffee shop knows how to make a good drink. The floral notes are noticeable but not jarring, adding a new layer of complexity to accompany the coffee flavor rather than concealing it completely. After one visit, Bia Coffee will quickly become a favorite stop for some caffeination.

Price | $$

Must Try | Lavender Latte (hot or iced)

Pro Tip | Unlike most coffee shops in K-Town, Bia Coffee is not the best for studying

Parking | Metered street parking along 6th Street