Expect all American classics at by CHLOE. Burgers, fries, soft-serve ice cream-- and it's 100% plant based.

With their second US location sitting adjunct to a 365 in Silverlake, by CHLOE. serves wholesome, vegan fare that tastes good and gets pretty darn close to the real deal. They even have pump-it-yourself beet ketchup and chipotle aioli, both of which are fantastic, surprisingly. By CHLOE. is a win for vegans and anyone looking to try something new.

Price | $$

Must Try | The Guac Burger, Mac N' Cheese, Chlostess Cupcake, Cinnamon Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookie

Pro Tip | For those unfamiliar with meat substitutes, get familiar. Know if you're into seitan or tempeh beforehand so you're not disappointed with your order!

Parking | Free parking in the 365 lot